Yeastar S100 VoIP PBX


SIP Ext.: 100 by default ( max. 200)
Concurrent call: 30 by default (max. 60)
Expand Cards: max. 2 EX08/ EX30 & 1 D30
Analog Ports: max. 16 FXS/FXO ports
BRI Ports: max. 16 BRI ports
GSM Ports: max. 6 GSM ports
E1/T1 Ports: max. 2 E1/T1 ports
Storage: SD Card / USB

1000 in stock



·        S100 Installation Guide

o    Release date: 2016-09-02

o    Preview Online Download 945 KB

·        S100-Series Datasheet

o    Release date: 2017-04-06

o    Preview Online Download 1.17 MB


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